Blood Glucose Starter Kit + Lancets + Strips + Small case

Get all the tools you need to successfully manage your diabetes: The all-in-one Dario Blood Glucose Meter (Starter Kit), an award-winning app, 100 strips and 100 lancets and a small carrying case – all at one low price. No more bulky pouches, separate lancing devices, and intrusive meters!

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$9000 Excl. Tax

Blood Glucose Starter Kit + Lancets + Strips + Small case

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100 Dario™ Sterile Lancets

Sterile lancets for simple, comfortable blood glucose measurements. 30-gauge designed for less pain. Only a tiny 0.3 μl drop of blood needed for an accurate reading. For use only with the Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

$1490 Excl. Tax

Pro Membership Yearly

Pro Membership Includes: FREE Dario™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System Your Success tools Unlimited test strips - to measure your success Monitor your progress with Dario's Smart App 100 Lancets to keep you covered Your Insights made simple Stay on track - Weekly progress reports to help you succeed Personalized Diabetes Programs - including l...

$39600 Excl. Tax / year

1Decrease in estimated HbA1c for high-risk users over a full year monitoring with a digital diabetes management system”, AADE, 2018

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