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Urgent question? on a bing? Can’t get into ketosis? Your sugar is out of whack?

Don’t throw in the towel –  

To make sure your blood sugar levels are in range and to smooth your transition into ketosis, we are gifting you with a Dario all-in-one smart glucose meter!

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Anytime, Anywhere. No strings attached.

The Dario blood glucose monitoring system is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, whilst smart enough to track your glucose levels directly on your smartphone so that you can keep an up-to-the-meal log of your blood glucose levels.

Only $199 $99 for 3 months


Get a FREE All-in-One Smart Glucose Meter + Get UNLIMITED test strips to measure your success! 

No prescription or insurance is required.

Strips are delivered straight to your door without requiring any paperwork from your healthcare team. No more long pharmacy lines. Quick and simple.

* highest quality test strips that meet the newest and most stringent ISO standards of accuracy

  • Try it now for a full 90 days and if you like it keep it for as low as $33/mo charged quarterly unless you cancel.
  • Unlimited test strips delivered straight to your door.
  • Start today for less than a co-pay!
  • No prescriptions or insurance required.
  • FSA & HSA eligible.
  • No commitment. Cancel anytime.

Warning! It’s Flying Off The Shelf

Having people fall madly in love with this offer has created quite a challenge for us and makes it almost impossible to keep up with orders.

As of now, we have just enough supply from Dario to ship out immediately. So please don’t wait another moment to place an order. Otherwise it may cost time and more money!

Only $199 $99 for 3 months.

Free Shipping. Cancel anytime.

*Powered by DarioHealth, a leading Digital Therapeutics (DTx) company, revolutionising the way people manage their diabetes.

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