Classic Pack

Want to try out the Dario Smart Diabetes Management Solution without commitment? No problem! The Dario Smart Meter + 50 strips starter pack is for you! The Dario Smart Glucose Meter is a compact, personalised glucose meter, with built-in lancet and disposable test strips cartridge, lets you test glucose levels in seconds on your smart phone. Connecting to your mobile device, the smart meter makes it easy to manage your health, automatically log results, and always stay connected with your caregiver whether you’re at home or on the go!

Smart Mobile Device Integration

The Dario Smart Glucose Meter is cleared for use with Apple iOS mobile devices on iOS 6.1 or above. The glucose meter pops out of the all-in-one device and is plugged directly into the headphone socket of your smartphone. Your blood glucose readings and additional data are automatically synced each time you connect your Dario. Your personal data is stored securely in our cloud server for you and your medical team to reference.

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Classic Pack

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